Standard Operating Procedures

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If face to face treatment appropriate:

  • Pre assessment SOP are discussed with the patient of sent to them to observe.
  • Patients are advised to attend ONLY at their specified treatment time (patients attending early will be asked to wait in their car/across the road from the clinic)
  • Patients are asked not to bring anyone with them to their appointment unless they are under 18 years old or require a chaperone/translator
  • Patients are asked to bring a mask of their own to the consultation. If they do not have one, a single use mask will be provided for a charge of £1.

On arrival at clinic: - The therapist will be wearing PPE (mask, gloves, apron and face shield)

  • Patients will be asked to only arrive at the clinic 1 minute before their appointment time. If they arrive earlier, they are asked to wait in their car until their appointment time.
  • Patient will have their forehead temperature taken outside the clinic – If 37.8 or above they will not be granted access to the clinic.
  • If temperature is ok then upon entering the clinic, the patient is required to clean their hands with alcohol gel that is provided.
  • The patient will be asked the COVID 19 symptoms screening questions again. Provided the patients passes these questions, consent form will be authorised online. (consent will be taken at every appointment)
  • The patient will then be led to the treatment room, the reception area will be off limits until further notice.

On entering the treatment room:

  • The patient will sit on the available chair.
  • The therapist will conduct the subjective and objective assessment as clinically appropriate – minimising patient contact where possible.
  • The therapist will treat as clinically appropriate.
  • Pillowcases will not be in use, only wipe clean plastic pillows.
  • No blankets or soft treatment couch covers will be used. Any towels used will be washed between client uses at 90 degrees.

On exiting the treatment room:

  • The patient will again be asked to clean their hands with alcohol gel.
  • Payment will be taken by card only. (Contactless now £45)
  • Once the patient has left the premises, the therapist will thoroughly clean the PPE used or remove the appropriate PPE and dispose of it in the bin provided.

In between Patients:

– A 30-minute gap will be left between patients to ensure no patient crossover.
– All contact surfaces including doorbell, door handles, treatment couch, seating, reflex hammer, card machine etc. will be cleaned with Clinell wipes and/or disinfectant spray and disposable paper towel. This will include the toilet facilities if they have been used by a patient.
– The therapist will wash their hands as per NHS guidelines before and after each patient.
– Where possible, windows and doors will be opened to increase ventilation.

Toilet Facilities:

– The toilet will only be used if absolutely necessary.
– Toilet facilities, including door handles will be cleaned between appointments if they have been used by a patient.
– There is signage in place to educate on proper hand washing technique, located next to the sink.
– Paper hand towels are provided for patients to dry their hands and these should be disposed of in the bin provided.


– The therapist will wear a set of scrubs which will be removed before leaving the clinic and washed every evening. During each appointment they will be wearing a face mask, apron, gloves and a face shield during each consultation. These will be cleaned / disposed of after each appointment as appropriate with the government guidance.
– The patient will be asked to bring a facemask to wear during the session. (single use ones will be provided at and extra cost of £1, if the patient does not have one
– MSK Physiotherapy is deemed as non-aerosol generating, therefore, the use of FFP3 masks and full-length gowns is not indicated.
– PPE will be disposed of appropriately by Physio Focus Swinton
– Reception staff will be wearing a facemask and gloves.

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